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The Mollusk is a 2002 music video brickfilm by Greg Perry, set to the song of the same name by the band Ween. It is about a man who talks to a boy about a mollusk he has found. It was shown at the BrickFest 2002 Animation Festival.[1]

The Mollusk was sent by Perry to one of the members of Ween, who "loved the video"[2] and highlighted it on the official Ween website.[3] The film was discovered and enjoyed by producers at MTV, which led to Perry being hired to create a 10-second piece of LEGO animation that was aired on MTV as part of the promotion for their "MPEG US" campaign.[4] The Mollusk was also the film that introduced Chris Salt to brickfilming.[5]


On a beach, a man asks a boy about what he is holding, and the boy tells him it is a mollusk he found. The man asks if it "speaketh of the Trinity", thinking of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and if it can "gaze at the sun with its wandering eye". The boy responds that it does speak of the trinity, but he thinks of a trio of animals, and that it does gaze at the sun, thinking of the mollusk with an actual eye. The man explains that the mollusk is spurred from the sand by the waking of all creatures on the land, and the mollusk opens to reveal an eye. The mollusk then crawls into the sea.