The Matrix in 6 Minutes
Breo dodges the agent's bullets
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Directed by
Colin Jones
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The Matrix in 6 Minutes is a 2001 brickfilm by Colin Jones.[2] It is an early example of a CG brickfilm, and it recreates scenes from The Matrix, with humourous twists added.[3]

It was a popular brickfilm of its time, getting over 1000 downloads in under two weeks through referrals[4] and amassing over 300,000 views on iFilm, in the pre-YouTube era.[5] It was the audience choice winner in the computer-generated division at the BricksWest 2002 Animation Competition. It was long considered to be a missing brickfilm, as the original download link was quickly replaced with a link to stream the film on iFilm, which is no longer online. In 2017, Jared Gilbert located a downloaded file of the film on a hard drive.

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