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The Magician's Hat is a 2010 fantasy-comedy brickfilm by Jack Bond.[1][2] It follows a man who finds a top hat and a magic wand in an alley.[3] It was created for the contest Septemberfest 2010 on Bricks in Motion, and won second place.[4]


Caught out in the rain, a man runs into an alley to take shelter. He notices a box, and decides to open it to see what is inside. He takes out a top hat, which he sets on the ground behind him before continuing to search through the box. He finds a magic wand, and turns around to discover that the hat has moved position. The man lifts the hat, and finds a rabbit underneath it. He puts the hat on the ground, taps it with the magic wand, and lifts it to find a penguin underneath. He repeats this process multiple times, finding something different each time.

Eventually, the man taps the hat, and a magician appears. The magician puts on the hat, produces an umbrella, and gives it to the man in exchange for his magic wand. The magician bids the man farewell, and walks out of the alley. The man tries to follow, but can no longer see the magician. The man leaves, not noticing that behind him is the hat on the ground, which scurries off.[3]