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The Magic Picnic is a 2017 fantasy adventure brickfilm co-directed by David Pagano and Dave Pickett. It follows the tale of Anna and Matt, who, while out on a picnic, discover a magic wand which leads them to adventures in other lands.[1] It was created to tie in with The LEGO Animation Book written by Pagano and Pickett, and the book contains explanatory photographs from the production of The Magic Picnic. Though they had collaborated on many prior brickfilming-related projects, The Magic Picnic was the first (and, to date, only) brickfilm co-created by the two. The title of the film pays homage to The Magic Portal, owing to both films featuring inter-dimensional travel.[2]



  • David Pagano - Writer, Editor, Director, Design, Animation, Effects, Voices
  • Dave Pickett - Writer, Editor, Director Design, Animation, Effects, Voices
  • Valerie Champagne - Design, Animation, Effects, Voices
  • Jake Marcks - Design, Animation, Effects
  • Matt Witham - Design, Animation, Effects, Music
  • Mark Pagano - Title design
  • Wanda Fox - Voices
  • Hayley Baker, Angelle Barbazon, Julia Borden, Marissa DeCuir, Sid Dinsay, Bert Fox, Riley Hoffman, SearchFunction, Seph Kramer, Sydney Mathieu, Anna Morrow, Tyler Ortman, Siobhan Robinson, Serena Yang, Sean Kenney Design Inc., Lindsay Fleay - Special thanks

Award nominations[]

Year Competition Category Result
2017 Cine Brick Main category Finalist