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The Lost Invention is a 2012 comic fantasy brickfilm by Harrison Allen.[1][2] It follows the golbin Ouskavar who becomes privy to the upcoming unveiling of a new invention in a gnome village.[3] It is the second brickfilm created by Allen that is set in the land of Riigo-Faloo. It was created for the Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest X, and placed fourth. In the judges' results, it had initially tied for second with STEAM by Christian Colglazier and Hidden by Spencer Olson, until a specific order was decided upon by Harry Bossert.[4]


A goblin warrior, Ouskavar, and his unicorn, Gloaming, venture through the gnome kingdom and happens upon the village Jigfigmixlefig. Three gnomes suggest they go see the Jarl, in order to learn about the upcoming unveiling. The Jarl, Eegstich, introduces the inventor Wigzigsprigledig, and prepares to unveil a new invention. Eegstich opens a chest but finds that what was supposed to be inside is missing.

Ouskavar offers to help, and the Jarl speculates that the vampire who lives nearby stole the invention. Ouskavar leaves with the intention of confronting the vampire, but along the way, Gloaming realizes that the room had the smell of garlic, so the vampire could not have been in there. They guess that the Jarl was lying and actually stole the invention himself, so return to confront him. The Jarl admits the truth that he in fact lost the invention. Ouskavar asks what it was, and the inventor responds that it was an Orb of Finding. Gloaming laments the fact that they do not have such a thing at that moment.[3]



  • Harrison Allen - Director, Animator, Editor, Story, Sounds, Effects
  • Wilson Allen - Additional animation
  • "Delightful Dirigible" by Harrison Allen, arranged by Elisabeth Allen


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