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The Librarian is a 2011 fantasy brickfilm by Silent Frames.[1] It follows a librarian who begins to notice strange occurrences taking place in her library.[2] It was created for entry to Steinerei 2011, where it won the jury prize.[3]


In a library, the librarian notices a book hanging off a shelf, and goes to push it back in. Behind her, a different book falls off a shelf, and she heads to pick it up. More books begin to fall, and the librarian notices animals running around in the library. As entire shelves worth of books begin to fly off, the librarian starts to run, until she find plants extending across the front of shelves. She notices that just on the other side of the shelves, there is a jungle filled with many species of animals.[2]


  • Alexander H.
  • Karl H.
  • Christian H.
  • Laura H.
  • Markus S.


Year Competition Category Result
2011 Steinerei Jury Prize Won
Brickfilmer Prize Third place choice
Les Brickstars Best Brickfilm Won
Best Animation Won
Best Set Design Won
Best Special Effects Won
Bricks in Motion Awards Best Cinematography Nominated
Best Set Design Nominated

Behind the scenes[]

Behind the scenes information and images are available here.