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The Letter is a 2003 slapstick comedy brickfilm by James Maduzia. It follows the story of a man who suffers through many comedic mishaps while attempting to deliver a letter.[1] It is considered one of the major and influential classics of the original


After waking up, a man spots a letter on his table. Annoyed, he takes the letter and immediately trips over a cat chasing a mouse. Even more annoyed, the man kicks the cat, and leaves his house.

As he walks toward a crosswalk, he is knocked over by a closely-passing vehicle. The man's hat is run over by a bus, and the man smacks into a door after running away from a grumpy passerby. While at a crosswalk, the man is targeted by a malicious security camera. The man is nearly run over by a bus, but just barely dodges it. His letter is picked up by a bum, who demands money from the man. The man pays and gets his letter back.

A small lizard creature crosses the road, causing a woman to swerve into oncoming traffic. A man in a truck swerves to avoid the woman and smashes into a nearby building, nearly hitting the man with the letter. The man finally approaches the mailbox and deposits the letter. As the mess is cleaned up, the mail is picked up. Just as the mail truck passes the man, the rear compartment opens, and the letter flies out.

References in Other Media[]

The Letter is listed as one of the "significant Lego movies" by Joshua Leasure in the Wall Street Journal article "In this Film Industry, It Really Helps to be a Blockhead."[2]

James Maduzia was interviewed by regarding his work on The Letter.[3]