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The Legend of Leszek is a 2014 medieval brickfilm by Max Bychkov. It is based on an old Polish legend, and is about the Slavic lands being threatened by a terrible enemy, and a goldsmith who comes up with a plan to stop them.[1] It is the final brickfilm released by Bychkov.[2]



  • Oskar Martinsson as Narrator
  • Abdulmutaleb Raghebi as Enemy
  • Loay Essio as Dukes
  • Max Bychkov as Dukes, Crowd
  • Kate Slobovodskaya as Crowd

Award nominations[]

Year Competition Category Result
2014 WMBF Awards Best Film Second
Best Animation Second
Best Special Effects Fifth
Best Story Sixth
Bricks in Motion Awards Best Cinematography Nominated

Behind the scenes gallery[]

For the behind the scenes images, see this gallery on Flickr.