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La légende d'Ignaqua (English: The Legend of Ignaqua) is a 2010 brickfilm by Jean-Christophe Druez and his son, Hugo Druez.[1] It is based on the BIONICLE LEGO theme and storyline, and features figures animated in stop-motion composited onto photographed or digital backgrounds, as well as 3D animation.[2] It is a feature length brickfilm, and it was in production for three years.[3] It was on the shortlist for the cancelled 2010 Bricks in Motion Awards.



  • Isabelle Mesnil as Nokama
  • Mickael Bettancourt as Vakama
  • Hugo Druez as Kazi
  • Harold Houisse as Turaga, Hydraxon
  • Thomas Stocker as Maxilorb
  • Jean-Christophe Druez as Maxilos, Tanma, Barakis
  • Hervé Lucas as Piruk
  • Marie-Laure Peltier as Flora-Nui
  • Laurence Joly as additional voices
  • Maeva Druez as additional voices


  • Jean-Christophe Druez - Director, Stop-motion, 3D, Visual effects, Compositing
  • Hugo Druez - Assistant, Art advisor, Stop-motion, 3D, Visual effects, Compositing
  • Yann Joly - English subtitles