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The LEGO Wire is a 2012 comedy brickfilm by Joe Nicolosi.[1] It is a parody of the TV series The Wire.[2] It was commissioned by Yahoo! as part of their SketchY! video series. The commission came following the attention received by Nicolosi's 2011 brickfilm CSI: Legoland.



  • Joe Nicolosi - Writer, Director, Editor
  • Chris Gibson - Voice actor
  • Aaron Spivey-Sorrells - Voice actor
  • Danu Uribe - Voice actor
  • Zach Carlson - Voice actor
  • Victor Steele - Voice actor
  • Isaac Solomon - Voice actor
  • Stephanie Noone - Producer
  • Corey Moss - Producer
  • Brian Hunt - Producer
  • Eric Friend - Sound design

Features in the media[]

Shortly after release, The LEGO Wire was featured by multiple outlets including The Washington Post, The Atlantic, and Complex.