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The LEGO Hot Fuzz is a 2013 action comedy brickfilm by Philipp Skopnik.[1][2] It is a feature length brickfilm. It takes inspiration from the film Hot Fuzz, but is not directly based on it or the characters from it. It follows Spitfire Rocket, a police officer, and other officers who must track down a cop killer.

An abriged cut of the film focused on action was released with English subtitles, under the title The LEGO Hot Fuzz Action Cut.



  • Philipp Skopnik as Spitfire Rocket, Butch Slaughterman, SWAT Leader Francis, Bankrobber #3, Bank clerk, Mediator #1, Mediator #2, SWAT member #1, Chef, Police officer #3, Prison guard, Danny, Moving guy #1
  • Mathias Jensen as Chief, Begby, Bankrobber #2, SWAT members 3 & 4 & 6, Guy with suit, Teenie badass #3, Black police officer, Moving guy #2
  • Malon Janssen as Jeremy Murderer, SWAT member 7, Teenie badass #1, Bar owner, Police officer 1 & 2
  • Enno Meyer as Burton Writer
  • Felix Muhlack as Bankrobber #1, Guy on balcony, SWAT members 2 & 5 & 8, Guy with cap, Teenie badass #2


  • Philipp Skopnik - Director, Writer, Special effects, Editor, Additional music composer


Production of the film began in 2009, and a teaser was released in this year.[3] The first trailer for the film was released at the beginning of 2010, and the full film was slated for release later in 2010.[4] The film was pushed back until it was finally released in January 2013.