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The LEGO Chainsaw Massacre is a 2001 horror brickfilm by Andy Thornbery.[1] It is based on the 1974 film The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and is about people looking for help following a car crash and encountering the killer, Leatherface.[2] It was originally released with the voices edited to be very high pitched, and the unedited version was not released until later.[3] It is Andy Thornbery's first brickfilm.[4]


Four people are driving down a road but swerve when they hit a cat, causing their van to crash and roll over. One girl, Betty, has hurt her leg so a man stays with her while the other two go to look for help. They take a trail through the woods and the man, Steve, spots a house. While his companion checks the car outside, Steve checks out the house, and when he hears a strange noise, decides to look inside. Leatherface comes out and kills Steve with an axe, before dragging him into the kitchen.

Outside, Steve's companion wonders what is taking him, so she heads into the house. She is captured by Leatherface and placed on a meathook, surrounded by skeletons in the kitchen. Leatherface starts his chainsaw.[2]