The Job
The robber approaches the bank
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Directed by
Aaron Puzey
Released Q4 2001
  • Heist
  • Comedy
Running time
Language None

For the 2005 film by Cornelius Koch and Theodor Becker, see The Job (Cornelius Koch and Theodor Becker film)

The Job is a 2001 heist brickfilm by Aaron Puzey. It follows a robber who carries out a robbery from a bank.[1] It took 45 hours of work to create.[2] It is an early example of non-minifig character animation in brickfilming.[3]

Plot Edit

A robber stands outside a bank, getting ready. He approaches the door and checks around before heading inside. The alarm goes off and he exits, carrying a big sack of money. He runs away, and a guard leaves the bank to give chase. The robber extends a pogo stick to make a quicker getaway. He seems to be in the clear, until he collides with the backdrop which falls down and crushes him.[1]

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