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The Inventor is a 2007 drama brickfilm by Jonathan Vaughan.[1] It follows an inventor who must create a salable invention in order to pay his angry landlord.[2] It was an entry into the Inventions, Discoveries and Extraordinary Achievements Contest on and won second place.[3]


In 18th century England,[4] there lives a mad inventor who is never able to sell anything. A landlord bangs on the inventor's apartment door, demanding it to be opened, and tells the inventor that he is raising the rent as he has not been paid in six months. The inventor claims he will sell his creations and shows the landlord his latest invention, but the landlord is thoroughly unimpressed and leaves. The inventor then notices that there is a note on the floor, and goes to read it. The note, from "Dale Tholnrd", tells the inventor that he will meet him at the bridge at 7:30 with something of interest to him.

The inventor leaves and heads to the bridge, when he finds the mysterious Dale. Dale tells him he found plans for an invention at a pawn shop, and gives them to the inventor. The inventor runs home and gets to work creating the invention through the night. The landlord visits in the morning, and the inventor shows his new invention of a machine that churns out time in small packages, which he plans to sell by the hour.

The inventor sets up a stall on the street, advertising "Time for sale". The concept attracts the attention of many people, and a boy purchases a pacakage of time. When the boy opens the package, time freezes, and "Dale Tholnrd" appears. Dale takes off his disguise, revealing that he is the landlord, as he walks up to the frozen inventor to confiscate the money that had just changed hands.


  • Jonathan Vaughan as The Inventor
  • Larry Pillworth as The Landlord and The Narrator



The Inventor was nominated for two awards in the 2007 BAFAs.[5]

Year Competition Category Result
2007 Brick Award for Film Arts Best Visual Effects Nominated
Best Music Nominated