The Incredible Story of James William
James William is about to crash his car
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The Incredible Story of James William is a 2007 community project brickfilm.[1] It was the first community project created by the French brickfilming community, and was early enough to predate Brick à Brack.[2] The participants were members of the nascent brickfilming scene at the forums of the French LEGO fan website Brick-Pirate, then known as legopirate.[3] It has a relatively small number of participants due to the small size of the community at time and due to some participants[4] dropping out. The film was presented under the group name 'Les films du forum'.[5]

Plot Edit


Crew Edit

  • Nicolas "legopirate" Petit - Animator,[6] Forum
  • "Kawoosh" - Animator, Special effects[7]
  • "zwan" (Hfilms) - Coordinator, Intro splash animator,[8] Animator, Special effects, Website, voice actor
  • Guillaume "DAG_films" Ménard - Animator, Editor, Website

References Edit

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