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The Hei$t, or How to Collect a Corporate Donation - The Hard Way, is a 1999 crime brickfilm by Greg Perry. It follows the four SuperNerds, a group based on Perry and his friends, as they carry out a bank heist. It is the first film by Perry, and it was released online in 2001.[1][2] It was followed by a prequel, The Mysterious Secret Treasure of the Lost Pyramid, later in 1999, and a direct sequel, Meanwhile Back at The SuperNerds Headquarters...., in 2000.


The four SuperNerds, Rev. Groovy G, H.H. Word, J. Dave, and Mr. Renis, are planning a bank heist. Mr. Renis watches from a nearby rooftop as a truck arrives to transfer money. He relays a message with a walkie-talkie, and H.H. Word arrives in a truck and sets up a roadblock nearby.

The truck at the bank is loaded full of safes of money and is driven away, but is soon stopped at the roadblock. When the driver gets out, Rev. Groovy G and J. Dave arrive on a motorbike and hold the driver at gunpoint while Mr. Renis steals his truck. The SuperNerds escape in the two trucks and on the bike.

Meanwhile Back at The SuperNerds Headquarters....[]


J. Dave unloads the bank truck

A film that directly continues from where The Hei$t ends titled Meanwhile Back at The SuperNerds Headquarters.... was created in 2000. In this film, the SuperNerds arrive at their headquarters in the vehicles and unload their haul from the bank truck. They then head to a home cinema room and watch a film called Ninja Action Theater, which was originally the second brickfilm created by Greg Perry in 1999, following The Hei$t.