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The Hand of Fate is a 2004 comedy brickfilm by Dave Corbett. It follows the story of a man who keeps seeing giant hands attacking his friends.[1] It was an entry into the A Peculiar Event Contest on and placed first overall.[2][3]


Two co-workers are goofing off and telling jokes at work. Terry begins to tell a joke about a panda, but Phil is barely listening. Suddenly, Phil spots a giant human hand grasping Terry's head. Phil is very disturbed, but Terry thinks it's a joke. Their boss sticks his head in and tells them to get back to work, and Phil sees the giant hand again. He decides to go to the doctor.

At the doctor's, Phil explains his problem, but the doctor doesn't know of any other cases that match Phil's. Phil sees the giant hand again. The doctor decides to run some tests, but doesn't find anything wrong, and refers Phil to a psychiatrist.

At the psychiatrist, Phil sees the giant hand again and runs out. As he walks down the street, Phil continues to see the hand over and over grasping people's heads. Frustrated and distraught, Phil calls out to the hand, goading it to grab him. It does.

Dave the animator, a human, has accidentally shot another frame of animation with his hand in the shot. Upset, he decides to go to bed. As he gets up, another giant hand grabs Dave's head.[1]