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The Green Dragon is a 2004 comic fantasy brickfilm by Nathan "LGM" Dunlap.[1] It follows three knights who are sent to slay a dragon terrorizing a neighboring kingdom.[2] It was an entry to the High Adventure Theatre Contest on, in which it placed eighth overall.


In a peaceful, small kingdom with only three knights, a messenger from a neighboring kingdom arrives with word of a green dragon ravaging their country. Sirs Teral, Kenmar and Dalran are sent on a journey to destroy the dragon. Along their journey, the knights overcome an attempted bridge toll and a mugging.

The knights reach a cave with skeletons strewn outside and hear the dragon roar from within. Inside, they locate the green dragon and enter battle. Upon defeating it, they return to their kingdom and are rewarded with a large feast.[2]


  • John Dunlap as The king
  • Robinson Wood as The messenger
  • Nathan Dunlap as Sir Teral
  • Joseph Turrentine as Sir Kenmar
  • Joseph Mastroieni as Sir Dalran
  • Kevin Scadden as The guard
  • Peter Turrentine as The Sleeveless Bandits
  • Richard Ferrier as The narrator


  • Nathan Dunlap - Director, Writer, Filmer, Producer, Sets, Additional battle music
  • Joseph Ferrier - Additional writing
  • The Merry Blacksmiths - Music
  • Yvonne Peredo - Tapestries