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The Genre Games was a brickfilming competition hosted by Sam Futhey on Bricks in Motion in 2023. It was the thirteenth official Bricks in Motion summer contest, following MANiiFEST in 2022. The aim of the contest was to encourage entrants to work within the framework of an established film genre of their choosing. The contest received 25 accepted entries, which can be seen here. It was followed by Musical World in 2024.

Judging and prizes[]

The contest was judged by a panel consisting of Sam Futhey, Jared Johnson, Jeremy Borchers, and Adam Nies. Like the preceding Bricks in Motion Summer contests, no formal set of judging criteria was used, but consideration was given to overall creativity, originality, and interpretation of the contest's theme and spirit.[1]

Prizes were awarded to the top three placing entrants, in a prize pool format. The three prizes available were a copy of Dragonframe 4 including Bluetooth controller provided by Dragonframe, the LEGO set 10312 Jazz Club, and the LEGO set 60350 Lunar Research Base, provided via the LEGO Ambassador Network.[2]

List of all entries:

Film Name Director
ARTEMIS Matei "MBI Studio" Mitnei
Avaritia Pt. 1 "obstinarian"
Bank Bamboozle "Blue Staircase Animations"
the Bonjouring of Shovel-Peter Ilmari Teekkinen
The Call of the Death Bird, A Symphony of Silent Terror "Buggo Bricks"
The Chase of a Lonely Bird "BOZBETPRODUCTIONS"
Corny greed "Stud to Stack Studios"
The Deserted Duck "Fig & Brick Productions"
Dragons Fury "Hutdog Studios"
Final Notice: A Mystery Short Film Erik Tong
Friend group activity "Brickwill Studio"
Mission Implausible "Fistful of Studs"
Mission impossible: The Golden Brick "RainbowFilms"
Ninjago: An Earth Shaking battle "NinjaKai"
Off My Mind | Legrand "GlitchyZoo Entertainments"
Regicidal Tendencies Sam Dressman
A revenge story "JIJ Studios"
Rosewood Ahmari Ly-Johnson
Shoot Out "arbrickio"
Steven Stevens and the Mummy Tomb "Liam Studios"
A study in bricks -Lego detective stop motion (part 1) "FMB animations"
Superman vs wolverine "Kitty Studios"
TMF Movie: You Should’ve Left It Alone "TinyMushroomFilms"
Train Heist "Outhouse Productions"
The Rescue Mission "Spinjitzu Master Falcon"


Top 10
Place Film Name Director
1. Rosewood Ahmari Ly-Johnson
2. The Call of the Death Bird, A Symphony of Silent Terror "Buggo Bricks"
3. Bank Bamboozle "Blue Staircase Animations"
4. Train Heist "Outhouse Productions"
5. Regicidal Tendencies Sam Dressman
6. A study in bricks -Lego detective stop motion (part 1) "FMB animations"
7. Avaritia Pt. 1 "obstinarian"
8. ARTEMIS Matei "MBI Studio" Mitnei
9. Mission Implausible "Fistful of Studs"
10. the Bonjouring of Shovel-Peter Ilmari Teekkinen


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