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Released October 2001
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Language None
Created for Classical Movie Contest (late)

The Gauntlet is a 2001 action brickfilm by Jay Silver. It follows the story of a prisoner who goes through great trials to escape his prison.[1] It was originally conceived for the Classical Movie Contest on but was not finished in time for the deadline.[2]

The Gauntlet is regarded as a classic in brickfilming,[3][4] and is viewed as having greatly exceeded the standards and pushed the boundaries of its time.[5][6]

Plot Edit

Deep in a mountain, a prisoner is held in a pit with a chained hatch. With great effort, the man breaks the chain and frees himself, panting, from the pit. The man exits the room and begins to explore the prison, trying to find a way to escape.


The golem appears

A wizard, unbeknownst to the man, observes the escapee. The wizard uses a crystal ball to bring a giant golem to life. The golem chases the man, who desperately tries to escape. The man barely avoids falling debris and leaves through heavy oak doors. The golem pounds on the door but can't break through. The man, free, runs away into the wilderness, and the wizard slams his fist down angrily.

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