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For the 2009 film by Jordan and Nathan Johnson, see The Game (Jordan and Nathan Johnson film)

The Game is a 2002 comedy brickfilm in two parts by Nate Burr. It is about a game of Pong that is being played by Dave and BoB, and their conversation afterwards. The two parts could potentially run seamlessly together and were made within just one week of each other.[1][2][3]

In 2005, Burr was approached about allowing the inclusion of The Game in the German PONG.mythos Art Exhibition.[4] He agreed and the film was displayed in the exhibition in 2006.[5]



The Pong recreation in part 1

Part 1[]

In a games arcade, Dave and BoB compete in a game of Pong, which BoB wins by a large margin. Dave accuses him of cheating, but BoB insists that you cannot cheat at Pong. The game screen then reads, "ALL YOUR PONG ARE BELONG TO BOB!". In the background, Steve plays a different arcade machine while Ned Kelly waits for a turn.

Part 2: The Doggie[]


Peter with his new "dog", Snoop

After beating Dave at Pong, BoB asks for his head in a jar back as per a previous agreement. Dave tells BoB that the head in a jar ran away and asks Steve if he knows where it is. Their friend Peter arrives with a huge purple animal, telling them it is his new dog, Snoop. A concerned BoB reckons that it is some sort of demon hamster, and Steve warns that the Gods will strike Peter down for naming his dog "Snoop". Snoop eats Peter alive, which does not surprise Steve, who tried to warn him.


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