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For the 2004 film by Robinson Wood, see The Fun House

The Funhouse is a 1992 brickfilm by Seth Kaufman[1] about a visit to a fun house that takes a strange turn.[2] It was one of if not the earliest brickfilm shared online, as it was shared on a FirstClass bulletin board in 1993, and got spread to the wider internet from there.[3][4] An updated edit of the film was created in 1994.


A builder is dropped off by a digger driver at the funhouse. He pays to enter and climbs a staircase to a ride. He enters a scenic railway car and is driven around the park at height. He is taken through a tunnel and driven past a cinema screen before the track reaches an abrupt end and the vehicle crashes, ejecting the man. He gets up and walks away, but he encounters a wizard who casts a spell on him and turns him in to a tree. In tree-form, he tries to escape, but a fence builds itself around him and entraps him.

The man wakes up from his nightmare. He looks out the window to check that everything is normal before heading out of his house. However, when he passes some trees, he is picked up by them and eaten.[2]


  • Seth Kaufman - Director
  • Valerie Haller - Ideas, Music, Other
  • Mom & Dad, Lawrence Kaufman, David Buchwald, Olli Seppälä, Ada Rubin - Thanks