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For the 1992 film by Seth Kaufman, see The Funhouse

The Fun House is a 2004 surreal brickfilm by Robinson Wood. It is about a man who explores a strange fun house and is pursued by supernatural forces.[1] It was an entry to the A Peculiar Event Contest on and received an honorable mention. It was created before the contest announcement but not released, so it was entered as it happened to fit the theme. It was considered by Wood to be his first real movie.[2]


A man walks up to a fun house, where he sees a one-eyed man standing outside. He enters the fun house and explores before getting on to a platform moving on a track. A skeleton follows on another platform. The man ducks under a shooting flame, and the skeleton has its head taken off by the flame. The platform track eventually leads to a sheer drop, so the man jumps off.

The skeleton falls down the drop and shatters to pieces, but the one-eyed man arrives to put it back together before casting a spell and fusing with it. The skeleton eventually catches up with the man wandering around in the fun house and pulls a lever to close the exit. The man runs away as the skeleton gives chase, and the man finds a moving rock that leads to a hidden exit. He escapes and the rock moves back into place, blocking the skeleton's path.[1]