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The Front
The Front
The trenches
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Action, Drama
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The Front is a 2013 action drama by Gregory Moore and Garry Moore. A small regiment of soldiers fight to maintain their fortification from the evil mechanical Steamers.

Plot Edit

While exploring uncharted land, after his village was attacked by steamers, Samuel Coward stumbles upon a small militia held deep in the forest. He is greeted after being chased by a steamer that the soldiers soon shot down.

Samuel consults with the man in charge, and states that he cannot stay. The men form a line and respectfully lets him depart. Feeling much guilt, he turns around and says he's decided to stay. He is handed a rifle, ammunition, and a knife. He is then granted first nights watch.

While sitting in the trench, late at night he has a flashback to when he fled the village. Being very cowardly he had abandoned his friend in the village. Samuel is afraid and soon flees the trench. The next morning, they spring into action as more steamers arrive.

They notice Samuel's absence. Samuel, on top of a large hill hears the gunshots coming from below. he thinks that he should go back, but he turns the other way, then thinks he should help. he runs down the hill, to help.

He saves the man in charge by distracting the steamer who was holding the captain at axe-point. Soon after, they defeated the steamers. the injured, and non-injured all stood in front of a massive pile of dead steamers. the captain humorously says that if he deserts again, he'll shoot him in the back. Samuel replies that he wants to stay and promises not to desert them again.

Cast Edit

  • Garry Moore as Cotton
  • Gregory Moore as Coward
  • Nick LaRiza as Hackett
  • Benjamin Bailey as Heckler
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