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The public are shocked by a freak

The Freak trilogy is a series of three comedy brickfilms by Nate Burr. Each film focuses on an abnormal LEGO figure or imitation-LEGO figure. All three films were made within one month of time, and individually were each made within one day.

The three Freak films can be considered to be a part of the Steve and Dave series, even though Steve and Dave only appear for a cameo in the first film, and only Steve appears in the following two. In Christmas with Bluntmation, the first Freak film appears in a montage of previous Steve and Dave films, and Steve mentions that they have had "7 adventures, tops", a count which lines up with the inclusion of all three Freak films (when counting The Game parts 1 and 2 as one adventure).

The Freak[]

The first film, The Freak, focuses on a LEGO 4+ Figure, which were best known for appearing in Jack Stone sets, though the figure featured is actually from an early Creator set.[1] The film was conceived as a way to test in-camera special effects, as well as the masking program Blue Screen of Life created by Stefan van Zwam.[2][3]

At an ATM, a woman is approached and screams when she sees who is behind her. A man thinks she is being attack by what he describes as a "freakishly deformed monster", and runs over with a gun drawn. He gets into a scrap with the freak, who tries to say he just wants help. In the scuffle, the freak accidentally shoots the man. A crowd of onlookers see this and think he is coming to kill them next. A superhero, Rocket Hero, arrives to help. The freak tries to say he means no harm, but when hit by Rocket Hero's lasers, is forced to shoot back.

The freak begins to say he doesn't want to hurt anyone, when Rocket Hero gets back up. The freaks shoots him down again, and admits that he did it out of evil this time. Optimus Prime arrives to take care of the freak, and runs him over before shooting him. Steve thinks this is possibly the coolest thing he has ever seen.[1]


The second film, Uber-Freak, was created when Burr wanted to photograph some low quality imitation LEGO figures by a company called TATCO to share in a discussion on the forums.[4][5] He decided he may as well make a quick animation starring them instead, and produced Uber-Freak in roughly 10 minutes.[6]

Steve sees a very freaky pirate. He examines it as a second freak arrives and walks into the camera. The pirate begins to fall apart, and Steve goes to call Optimus Prime to take care of this abomination.

Optimus Prime raises his gun to the freak.


The third and final film, Hairy-FREAK, was released two days after Uber-Freak. This film features a LEGO Hagrid figure, which is larger than a regular minifigure and includes a big, bushy hair and beard piece.[7][8]

A large, hairy freak is approached by Steve. Steve explains that "accidents" have been happening to unusual-looking people, and warns that bad things may happen if the freak hangs around too long. The hairy freak espouses the power of the dark side, and is then hit by a small truck.

Steve hits the freak, before looking at the truck. The truck transforms into a smaller version of Optimus Prime, who greets Steve. Steve christens him Mini-Optimus.

Evening Report[]


The "unique people" are interviewed

The day after Hairy-FREAK's release, Nick Maniatis, an occasional collaborator of Burr's, released a film that tied in with the Freak series.[9] This film is titled Evening Report and follows a news report on the prejudice shown towards unusual people. Figures used include TATCO pirates, LEGO Fabuland animal people, a first generation DUPLO figure, and Ned Kelly. There is also a brief appearance from Steve, reusing dialogue from Hairy-FREAK.


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