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The First LEGO Movie is a 2009 slapstick comedy brickfilm by Jaron "Squashed Cat Productions" Andre.[1][2] It follows a man who has great difficulty trying to move a cat from the path of an oncoming car.[3] It is titled The First LEGO Movie because it is in the style of old silent films. It is not the first brickfilm by Andre, who had been making brickfilms with LEGO Studios since about 2001.[4]


A man walks out of a bank and notices a cat in the middle of the road that is about to be hit by a car. He attempts to pick the cat up off the road, but the cat evades his every move. The man comes up with and idea to put a road block on the street, which the car promptly drives through. In a third attempt to rescue the cat the man hurls safes at the car, causing the car to swerve and continue forwards. With not much time left, the man makes a last try at rescuing the cat and grabs onto the car bumper, but falls back. The car continues forward, but stops as it reaches the cat. The driver gets out and kicks the cat to the curb.

As the man watches the car drive away he is hit from behind. Restless, the driver demands he gets off the road, and the man is pulled to the curb by the cat. As the man begins to say thank you the cat is run over by the second car.


Andre first attempted to create the film in 2006 or 2007, and had completed about 20 seconds before university took priority. After graduating, he decided to complete the project, and remade the amount he had previously produced. In 2010, he shared his first attempt at the film.

Andre also released a cut alternate ending to the film, which was replaced for being "incredibly dull".