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The Final Tapir, also known as Endangered Tapir on its title card, is a 2001 environmental brickfilm by a team of three students from Hong Wen Primary School.[1] It is about a man who purchases an endangered tapir as a pet.[2] It was created for the National Movie-Competition at Singapore Polytechnic, and it was the winner of the upper primary category. Subsequently, it became available to view on the LEGO Studios website.[3] It is the only winner of the contest that is not considered missing, as it was saved in 2002 and eventually reuploaded in 2015 by Skye "legotronn" Sonomura.


A man drives to a store to purchase an endangered tapir as a pet. He takes the tapir away in a cage, and when he gets home, he is surprised when the tapir begins to speak to him. The tapir asks to be let go back to its jungle, as it misses its animal friends and cannot survive in this new environment. The man is annoyed, as he spent a lot of money to have the tapir as a pet.

The tapir recalls living in the Amazon forest, with little food to eat due to humans clearing land. Its gorilla friend told it that poachers came and sold some of the animals to the circus. Its alligator friend told it that humans have built a dam and now the alligators have no space to live. The tapir wishes the planet could be shared peacefully. The man who bought the tapir realizes the error of his and other humans' ways. The police arrive to arrest the man for obtaining the tapir illegally, but he tells them he has realized his mistake and will free the tapir.[2]


It is unclear which of the following are the three directors of the film.

  • Shu Ting - Voice of tapir
  • Justin Wong - Voice of buyer
  • Fu Xing - Voice of seller, gorilla, and alligator
  • Xiang Jing
  • Donovan Chan
  • Yi Ling - Voice of policeman