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The Factory Fix is a 2004 action-adventure brickfilm by Stephen Nolen and Austin Nolen. It is about a man who investigates unpopular changes being made at a factory which he formerly owned.[1] It was created for the High Adventure Theatre Contest and tied for fifth place with Sai the Magic Word by Nate Burr.


Mr. Brock receives a phone call from Scotty, a worker at the Brock Brick Factory, which he owned before retiring. Scotty is anxious that he come to the factory to listen to the workers' concerns. While he doubts there is much he can do, Mr. Brock agrees to come to the factory. Upon arrival, Scotty informs him of various problems worrying the workers, such as rampant firings and changes to brick colours. Mr. Brock goes to talk to the new manager, Bricko, about the changes. Bricko says he is just doing what he is told to by MB, the new owner. Mr. Brock decides to go to speak with MB.


Mr. Brock is chased by Bricko

Bricko calls MB to tell him of Mr. Brock's plans. MB tells Bricko to eliminate Mr. Brock before he arrives. Bricko begins to attach a bomb to Mr. Brock's pickup, but Brock drives off before he finishes. Bricko is dragged along the road before the bomb detonates in his hand. Later, Mr.Brock sets out in a car for MB's headquarters and is pursued by Bricko. A newspaper blows over Bricko's face, causing him to miss a corner and drive off a cliff. Mr. Brock gets into a plane to reach MB offshore. He is again pursued by Bricko in a fighter plane. Bricko fires on Mr. Brock's plane, but the tailfin breaks off his own due to "cheap generic bricks" and it falls out of the sky.

Mr. Brock arrives to confront MB about the changes. MB wonders if he needs to make more changes. When Mr. Brock comments that MB seems different, MB draws a sword and moves to attack him. Mr. Brock dodges MB's attacks and throws an owl at him, apparently decapitating him. The headless body stays still briefly, before getting back up to go for Mr. Brock again. He throws it over the balcony and its black robes slip off, revealing a Mega Bloks figure underneath. Back at the factory, things are returned to somewhat normal and control is given to Scotty. In the final shot, Scotty is seen to have a knock-off hand, similar to Bricko.


The plot of the film was inspired by and mirrors various unpopular changes which were being made by The LEGO Group at the time, such as the replacement of some brick colours and the introduction of flesh-coloured minifigure parts.[2] The character concept of MB is credited to Rachel Dew and her husband Cameron Dew.