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The Exquisite Corpse is a 2018 comedy horror brickfilm by Rob Bauer, Chris Wynn, and Lucas Mass. It is about a man who falls in love with a corpse.[1] It was created using the "exquisite corpse" method, with the three directors creating one act each with only the shared knowledge of the basic premise and unique tone of each act.[2] It was an entry to the fifteenth Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest, and won first place.[3]


A man has fallen in love after reading in the obituaries about a woman who died in a motor scooter accident a year ago. He seeks the opinions of his friends on his love for the dead woman. Eventually, he digs up the woman's grave and pulls the corpse out.

The man is very happy as he takes the corpse around on dates, before he eventually gets married to it. He introduces it to his parents, who aren't pleased.

After some time living together, the corpse begins to further decompose. As more and more bones fall off it, the man becomes unsure of his decision. He heads out alone to a bar, and starts looking over towards a living woman.[1]


  • Nathan "END films" Stougard as the protagonist[4]
  • Rob Bauer as extras