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The Evilness Begins is a 2005 comedy brickfilm by Roland Szentesi.[1] It is about a man trying to teach a harmless villain how to be more evil. It was made for the first Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest and placed third in the Judges' Choice category and fourth in the Entrants' Choice category.[2] The villain appears again in Szentesi's 2006 film Containment.


A man is walking along a street when he is tripped up by a villainous-looking character. The villain announces that he did this because he is evil, but when the man makes fun of his evil laugh and "sword" (an oar), the villain bursts into tears and says he is pathetic. The man attempts to console him and decides that he will help him learn how to be more evil.

Upon the man's recommendation, the villain refuses to give up a seat for an old lady, knocks over multiple people and destroys personal property. He then decides that he has had enough evilness for one day and thanks the man for his help. As he runs away and begins to announce the start of his evil career, he is suddenly hit by a car.