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The End is a 2006 comedy brickfilm by Graeme Allen. It follows two men having a conversation while waiting in limbo.[1] It was an accepted entry into the second Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest, but it was disqualified from ranking because the file size was larger than the rules stipulated.[2] A special edition of the film was released in 2007, making the film widescreen and fixing some other audio and visual errors.

The End was created during the height of the Mac vs. PC parody fad in the community, and due to it also featuring two figures in a white expanse, it makes reference to the Mac vs. PC commercials in the dialogue and music heard over the credits.


The world has ended, and two men, Bill and Zack, stand in limbo waiting to be judged. They try to come up with a way to pass a great deal of time, as Zack has heard people are being judged in order of birth. Zack takes out his PlayStation Portable, but Bill points out that he has no way to plug the charger in.

Eventually, Bill is taken away to be judged. He briefly returns to tell Zack that it is going in alphabetical order, to Zack's dismay.[1]