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The Emperor's Royal Guard is a 2009 Star Wars brickfilm by Zach Macias.[1] It follows what happens when a pair of stormtroopers have fun at the expense of the unwavering stoicism of an Imperial royal guard, in a scenario mirroring real-world perceptions of the Queen's Guard.[2]


Two stormtroopers walk down a corridor, when they spot a member of the Emperor's royal guard. One stormtrooper suggests to the other that they mess with the guard, and when the other is hesitant, the first stormtrooper explains that the royal guard are required to keep a straight face and not react to anything. The stormtrooper taunts the royal guard, who does not react at all.[2] Emboldened, the stormtrooper decides to see what happens if he tries to take the royal guard's spear. As soon as he touches the spear, the royal guard suddenly grabs him, slams him against the wall, and impales him with the spear. The second stormtrooper looks on in horror, and the royal guard returns to his prior position before stating "touch this spear and I'll f***ing kill you."