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The Dream is a 2000 brickfilm by Joel Gautraud. It follows a boy playing with LEGO who falls asleep and dreams that the pirate minifigures are having an adventure.[1] It was created for entry to the LEGO Maniac's Coolest Home Video Contest, and was one of the three grand prize winners.[2]


A boy, Doug, is playing with LEGO pirates, when he is told it is time to go to bed. He continues to play with the LEGO, but soon begins to doze off.

On an island, the pirate Captain Doug and his crew arrive in search of treasure. They follow their map to a sealed cave, which they blow open with dynamite. After retrieving the treasure, they are ambushed by a group of islanders, who point their weapons at Captain Doug.

Doug awakes, and is surprised to find a pirate hat on his head. He concludes that it was probably just a dream.[1]


  • Joel Gautraud - Director
  • Douglas Gautraud - Actor
  • Kevin Gautraud - Help