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The Director's Cut, also known as LEGO Cowboys & Aliens,[1] is a 2011 comedy brickfilm by Paul Hollingsworth. It follows a meeting between Jon Favreau and Steven Spielberg regarding Favreau's 2011 film Cowboys & Aliens, when other famous directors suddenly begin to arrive to present their visions of how the film should be. It was created in ten days for entry to the Build-A-Brickbuster Pixelfest,[2] where it won the award Best Directors and placed second overall.[3][4] It was the first brickfilm created by Hollingsworth since creating a small number between 2002 and 2005.



  • Chris Osborn as Jon Favreau, Alien Travolta, Leia
  • Aaron Nixon as George Lucas, Navi Jake, Rex, Lotsa Bear, Woody
  • David Kelly as Trailer Man, James Cameron, John Lasseter, Han Solo
  • Steve Banta as Quentin Tarantino
  • Paul Hollingsworth as Navi Girl, Steven Spielberg, Samuel Jackson, Randy Newman
  • Hailee Hollingsworth as Ewok


  • Paul Hollingsworth - Director, Writer, Editor
  • Steve Banta - Writer, Director of photography, Visual effects artist
  • Brent McDonald - Visual effects artist
  • Greg Butner - Visual effects artist
  • Voodoo Highway Music & Post - Music & post audio
  • Steve Gnall - Set designer
  • Dan Coughlin - Set designer
  • M2G Media - Special thanks