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The Dentures is a 2008 horror comedy brickfilm by Ross Pearson.[1] It follows mutiple peoples' horrifying visits to the dentist.[2][3] It is a remake of a lost brickfilm that had been created using LEGO Studios in 2003 by Pearson, his brother, and a friend. It is listed as being unfinished, after having been given up on before being returned to multiple times over the years. Pearson had previously released 7 minutes and 46 seconds of the project on October 13, 2007, and the positive reception to this unfinished version helped convince him to continue work on the project. The Dentures has been considered to be a cult brickfilm.[4]



  • Ross Pearson as Mr. Barnacle, Mr. Puddles, Mr. Ridgeway, Blackbeard, Gladys
  • Peter "Mess de la Fritz" Royale as Major Reginald Wilmington-Fayres
  • Colin Boyle as Announcer


  • Ross Pearson - Original concept, Writer, Director
  • Paul Pearson - Original concept
  • Neil Kedslie - Original concept
  • Jeorge Johns - Additional material