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For the 2008 film by Stijn Heirstrate, see Deal

The Deal is a 2017 drama brickfilm by Silent Frames.[1] It is about a farmer whose crops are destroyed by pollution from a nearby site, and who goes to confront a businessman.[2] It was originally intended for entry to Steinerei 2014, but when the deadline was missed, the production became prolonged, with work taking place on and off over the next three years.[3]



  • Alexander H.
  • Christian H.
  • Laura H.
  • Karl H.
  • Markus S.


Year Competition Category Result
2017 Les Brickstars Best Brickfilm (Francophone) Second
Best Screenplay First
Best Animation Third
Best Mise en Scène First
Best Sound Design Second
Best Set Design First
Best Cinematography Second

Behind the scenes[]

Behind the scenes information and images are available here.