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The Day Crashed is a 2007 comedy brickfilm and community project co-ordinated by Nathan Wells. It follows the story of several brickfilmers and how they react when crashes, referencing an actual recent crash of the site.[1] It is the third and final successful community project, following Cleaning Time and the BrickFest 2006 Montage, and was presented as a "We the Brickfilmers Production", rather than being presented officially by itself.[2]


At Brickfilms LLC Headquarters, a coder, Zach Stanley, is working late into the night. A rapid beeping interrupts his work, and then the power shuts down, grinding everything to a halt. Around the world, brickfilmers react to the crash of

Nathan Wells gets up and repeatedly smashes his head against his loft bed. Krick huddles on the floor in the fetal position and then goes outside. Night Owl's eyes grow big, he screams, and rockets upward through his roof. Chris LaRocca throws his computer against the wall. Zach Macias is thrown against a wall. Jeremey Wisoff kicks his cat and smashes his computer with a pickaxe. Graeme Allen shoots his computer. Matt Gillan falls over and dumps his computer on the floor. Jason Boyle decides to start animating. Rich Petty dances and animates. Ryan Boyle finds the whole matter most unfortunate. Colin Boyle falls to the floor in anguish, screaming to the heavens. Derrick exclaims " DIED?!"



The Day Crashed 2.0

Due to its inclusion of copyrighted material, The Day Crashed could not be considered to be in official association with the website To remedy this, Nathan Wells announced a director's cut/semi-remake, The Day Crashed 2.0. He asked the original contributors to re-edit their clips to remove copyrighted material or else make a new clip entirely, and a new cohesive soundtrack would be created for the entire film. This version was also organised in public rather than in private, so other users of the site could submit clips to be considered for inclusion as well. However, The Day Crashed 2.0 never ended up actually coming to fruition, due to lack of suitable submissions.[3]


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