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The Day Aliens Finally Invaded is a 2013 comedy brickfilm by Noah Frazier.[1][2] It follows Martians who peacefully come to Earth and a military general out to stop them.[3] It was created for the Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2013, in which it placed tenth. It became a cult favorite within the community, with the line "RELEASE THE HOUNDS!" and subsequent manic screaming becoming in-jokes between some members.[4][5][6][7][8]


A newscaster reports that an armed flying saucer has been seen hovering over the city. Several citizens are interviewed about their opinions of the aliens coming to Earth.

On the alien spacecraft, one alien remarks that he's been waiting his whole life for this day: the day that Martians and humans unite, and will peacefully exchange ideologies, technology and culture. He speaks into a microphone broadcasting to the outside world, but his peaceful welcome is translated into a message of aggression, claiming that they will steal Earth's precious resources and kidnap the world's leaders. One of the alien crew members spills a drink onto a control panel, causing it to short-circut and the spaceship starts firing laser blasts.

In a military meeting, a soldier reports that alien rights activists are protesting outside. The general tells him to drop boiling tar onto their heads. When the soldier replies reluctantly, the general commands "RELEASE THE HOUNDS!" Two dogs attack the soldier who wildly screams, and the dogs leave behind a skeleton. A man in a lizard costume is brought in and is believed by the general to be an alien. The general then tells a soldier to dissect him "for fun."

The general crashes through the ceiling of the alien spacecraft. He is confronted by an alien rights activist, who is then attacked by the general's hounds. An elderly man with a gun busts through the spaceship, exclaiming "Go back to Mars!" and it cuts to a graphic that reads "THE FOLLOWING SCENE IS EXTREMELY GRAPHIC." [3]


  • Noah Frazier as News Reporter, Aliens, Additional voices
  • Jorden Davis as General, Soldiers
  • Brandon Fields as Random Officer 1
  • Nathan "END films" Stougard as Random Officer 2's scream