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The Customer is Always Right is a 2004 comedy brickfilm by Dave Corbett. It follows the story of an elderly man in Best Buy who asks for a camera with what he calls a "Megapickle". Corbett created this film after hearing a customer at Best Buy use the word "Megapickle" when they meant megapixel.[1]


At a Best Buy store, an elderly man looks at the digital cameras. An employee comes to him and asks if he found everything he was looking for. The man replies that he was looking for a camera with a megapickle, but the employee thinks the man meant megapixel, and tries to explain to the man what a megapixel is. The old man insists that he meant megapickle. The employee gives up trying to convince the customer that he meant megapixel and throws into the man's hands a large pickle.


The Customer is Always Right does not feature a brick-built set but rather uses photographs of the inside of a Best Buy for backgrounds. To create this scenery, Corbett photographed the inside of the Best Buy where he worked and printed the images onto paper,[2] placing them slightly further back from the minifigures than they actually appear.[3] This created a convincing effect and has been assumed to be a chroma-keyed background by some viewers.[4][5][6]