The Crucible - trailer
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Directed by
  • Henri Wathieu
  • Zora Steiner
  • David Heim
  • Sophie Farthing
  • Erik Wiedenmann
  • Philip Heinrich
Running time

The Crucible - trailer is a 2007 drama brickfilm by Nikolas Jaeger. It is a stand-alone trailer based upon the Arthur Miller play of the same name.[1] The faux trailer touches upon many of the key events of the play, which follows the story of the Salem Witch Trials in Salem, Massachusetts.[2]

Plot Edit

Cast Edit

  • Henri Wathieu as John Hale
  • Zora Steiner as Tituba
  • David Heim as Samuel Parris
  • Sophie Farthing as Elizabeth Proctor
  • Erik Wiedenmann as John Proctor
  • Philip Heinrich as Thomas Danforth

Production Edit

Nikolas Jaeger made The Crucible - trailer for his 11th grade AP English class. The assignment was to create some form of promotional material for a hypothetical stage production or film of The Crucible, which is why this faux-trailer never led to an actual brickfilm adaptation of The Crucible.[1]

Award nominations Edit

Year Competition Category Result
2007 Brick Award for Film Arts Best Ensemble Cast Nominated

References Edit

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