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The Crow and the Fox (French: Le Corbeau et le Renard) is a 2006 brickfilm by "France & Alex". It is a parodic retelling of the fable of the same name by Jean de La Fontaine.[1]

An English version of the film was released in 2010, and a remastered edition of the French version was released in 2011.[2] The remaster adds original voice acting from France & Alex, whereas the previous French version and the English version utilised prior recordings.[3]


A crow sits on a branch with a large piece of cheese in her beak when a fox approaches and begins to think of how he may get the cheese. He compliments the beauty of the bird and her plumage and remarks that if her voice were as sweet as her looks are fair, she would surely be queen of the birds, in the hope that she will open her beak to call and drop the cheese.

In an ending different to the original fable, the crow throws the cheese at the fox's head, and it breaks open to reveal an anvil inside; the crow's revenge for having been fooled by the fox's trick before.[1]