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The Creators is a 2008 brickfilm by LEGO Certified Professional Jumpei Mitsui.[1] It follows a group of minifigures who collaborate to make a creation with LEGO.[2] It was an entry to the LEGO and Gizmodo Go Miniman Go! Video Contest, and won third place. The original version of the film, which was set to the song "Just Can't Get Enough" by Depeche Mode, was removed for copyright reasons.[3]


A minifig begins work on a construction using blue plates. He is soon joined by another minifig, who helps by fetching further required plates. The two minifigs build up their construction until they have one side of a blue sphere. Groups of knights, spacemen, police, islander, and ghoul minifigures all arrive, each with a constructed side of a blue sphere. The minifigs attach all of the sides together, and make a complete sphere. The roll the sphere through a large pile of green plates, some of which attach to it. They then prop it up on a stand they construct, and they view their finished creation; a LEGO model of the earth.[2]