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The Clandestine Cache is a 2011 comedy adventure brickfilm by Gregory Moore and Garry Moore.[1][2] It is about two relatives who are trying to find treasure that is also being searched for by a rival.[3] It was created for the Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest (BRAWL) 2011, and placed fourth.[4] It was the first ever BRAWL entry by Gregory and Garry Moore, starting a streak of them entering and placing in the top 10 of ten BRAWLs in a row.


Grandpa Herman and his grandson, Oliver, have been driving through a desert for hours. Herman is trying to follow a treasure map he bought from a man at a bookstore, but Oliver is frustrated and doubts the treasure even exists. Another car arrives beside them, and a pompous man, Reginald, tells them he will be the one to get the treasure having gotten another copy of the map from the man at the bookstore. Reginald drives off, and Oliver vows to get the treasure.

Herman parks at the base of a mountain the map tells him the treasure will be on top on. He and Oliver walk up a path, and find a large 'X' marking in the dirt. Oliver digs for a long time until he eventually pulls out a large chest which they find gold inside. Reginald appears pointing a gun at them, and demands the treasure. Oliver refuses, but Herman immediately hands over the chest. Reginald drags it while keeping an eye on the pair, but walks backwards off a cliff. Herman and Oliver bring the chest back to their car, and Oliver asks why Herman gave it up so quickly back there. Herman initially says Oliver's life means more to him than all the treasure in the world, but then claims he was actually primarily afraid for his own life. The two drive off.[3]


  • Gregory Moore - Writer, Director, Credits song
  • Garry Moore - Writer, Director