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The Chronicles of Time is a 2006 science fiction brickfilm by Jacob Schwartz and Kevin Horowitz.[1] It is about a scientist who builds a time machine and gets into time paradox shenanigans.[2] It was an entry into the second Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest and placed fifth in both the Judges Choice and Entrant's Choice results.[3]


A scientist enters his laboratory and is wondering what he should build when a document warps into the lab. The scientist picks up the document and realises that it is instructions for a time machine written by himself in the future. After constructing this time machine, he decides to use it to go talk to his future self.

Upon arriving one year in the future, The scientist's future self tells the scientist he has made the shocking discovery that they are their own father. The scientist does not take this news well and shoots his future self without thinking. Upon realising what he has done, he decides he must stop his past self from killing his future self and that the only way to do this is by going back in time to kill his own grandfather.

After travelling to the past, the scientist locates his grandfather. He produces a knife and attempts to stab him, but as soon as the knife touches his grandfather, a time paradox is created which causes the universe to implode.