The Button
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Directed by
Phillip Klejwa
  • Peter Edward Forbes
  • Zach Lawrence
  • Jack Donaldson
  • Loren Crisp
  • Hannah Victoria
  • Science fiction
  • Drama
Running time
Language English
Created for SAICFF 2012

The Button is a sci-fi drama brickfilm directed by Phillip Klejwa and written by Samuel Klejwa.[1] It is officially listed as being a 2012 brickfilm, though an unlisted YouTube upload was shared on Bricks in Motion in 2011.[2] It is about a city being built on a man-made island, in which the anonymous leader of the project has decided to obtain the labor of prisoners from around the world.[3] It was created for entry to the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival 2012. It is the director's only released brickfilm.

Plot Edit

Cast Edit

  • Peter Edward Forbes as Wade
  • Zach Lawrence as The Unknown/Newscaster
  • Jack Donaldson as Interrogator
  • Loren Crisp as Executive
  • Hannah Victoria as Newscaster

Crew Edit

  • Phillip Klejwa - Director, Producer, Director of photography, Editor, Animation director
  • Samuel Klejwa - Writer, Producer, Visual effects

Award nominations Edit

Year Competition Category Result
2011 Bricks in Motion Awards Best Visual Effects Nominated
2012 San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival Short Film Semi-finalist[4]
Young Filmmakers Semi-finalist

References Edit

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