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The Bricks in Motion Collection is a collection of 29 brickfilms by 18 different members of the brickfilming community, featuring films spanning from 1979 to 2015. Additionally, it also included all 33 entries to the Bricks in Motion Celebration Contest, which were each 30 seconds long. It was assembled by Doug Vandegrift with assistance from Philip Heinrich and Nathan Wells. It was produced in 2015 as a promotional reward for the Bricks in Motion documentary Kickstarter campaign and includes new exclusive director's commentary for many of the included films. It was available on DVD and Blu-ray.

Included films[]

Moon and Puffindolia were specifically created to be featured on the collection, and were exclusive to it for a period of time. The collection also includes all entries to the Bricks in Motion Celebration Contest, without commentaries:

Film Name Director
15 Second Party In a Crate Noah Frazier
At The Party Rachel Dew
The BiM Party Chris Wynn
Birthday Sam Richardson
The Block Indiana "Indyception" Foley
Bricks In Motion Celebration Jorden Davis
Celebrate the Little Things Milan Harrison
Celebration Of Life Stefan Muscat
Celebrations Nathan "END films" Stougard
The Celebrations Dylan "Dyland" Johnson
Dave's Mini Adventure! "Kizar"
First Contact Galen Johnson
Flowers for Elizabeth Christian Colglazier
Giant Ape vs. Radioactive Lizard 2 The Four Monkeys
Good Coffee Gregory Moore and Garry Moore
Happy Birthday, Son! Michael "LASF" Jurist
The Heart's Work Carl Ferber
The Journey Jay Silver
The Journey's End Ben Young
Let's Celebrate! Omar "Mickey" Mickelson
Life Funmi Adetola
Maturity Jared "Brickelodeon" Nesbit
A Message From Agent I Jasper Reddin
The Moving Blocks Alex "Regan" Bounds
Oblivious Jack Christian Gentry
The Prayer for Rain "MegaNova films"
The Quiet Moments Jay "jcharsch" Harsch
Robots Don't Dance Tobias Nikl
Slight Cracking Shelby Pritchard
The Thief Seán Willis and Brian Willis
Treasure on the Menu "Greenshirt"
When No One's Looking Matthew Kimball
Why Do YOU Celebrate Brickfilms? a PSA (password: bricksinmotion) Daniel Wu