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The Brickfilms Director's Project, also known simply as The Director's Project, was a project to organize and create collaborative brickfilms on in 2001. The project involved brickfilmers who had put their name into a pool being grouped into fours. One person would make one minute of a film and the next person would make the next minute based on that minute, and so on. Two such films were created from the project. The films are more akin to four-way co-productions than community projects, and The Director's Project was influential in the later development of the idea to create brickfilm community projects, resulting in the creation of Cleaning Time: The Janitorial Contingency.

Both of the Director's Project films are currently considered to be missing brickfilms, as the Brickshelf folder they were hosted in is not publicly accessible. The minutes were all individually uploaded by their creators, and three out of eight have been located.


Around April/May 2001, there was an idea in the forums for multiple members of the community to collaborate on one short film. Each person would create one minute of the film based on the preceding directors' minutes or totally disregarding them, if they wished.[1] The project evolved loosely across multiple forum threads[2] until on July 20, Jason Rowoldt added a page on with the purpose of bringing organization and coordination to the project.[3] The page included a pool of names of those who wished to participate in such a film, and the names were assembled into groups of four who were put to work on creating four-minute films.

Over time, people dropped out of the project and new people were subbed in to the established groups. Two groups of four managed to complete their minutes, all of which were available for download individually by October. It was then up to the groups to decide on names for their films, and compiled versions would be created. These versions arrived in the directory in June 2002.[4] It appears that the title of the first Director's Project film was God, the Devil, and Bob.[5]

The Director's Project went on to help give Doug James the idea for "The Community Project". Doug felt that the Director's Project films were not memorable due to their lack of planning and chaotic nature, and envisioned community project brickfilms with greater scripting and coordination. This would lead to the official community project Cleaning Time: The Janitorial Contingency, which began production in 2003 and was released in 2005.


Group 2

High Speed Directors Project[]

The Director's Project inspired another collaborative brickfilm, High Speed Directors Project, in 2002.[6] This film was created by a number of brickfilmers who were gathered in the chat room. One person would make a clip within one hour, after which the next participant would take over. It was not officially associated with or the previous Director's Project films. The film was removed from the directory at the request of Philip Heinrich.[7]