The Brickfilm Feature
Recurring feature
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The Brickfilm Feature was a recurring feature on Bricks in Motion. It was a successor to Brickfilm of the Week and served as a way of featuring brickfilms with a less defined format to the articles.[1] It was launched by Seán Willis and was hosted by Willis and Nate Swihart. It was short-lived due to Willis shifting his attention to featuring brickfilms in video-based content, through his "History of Brickfilms" series.

Featured brickfilms Edit

Date Film(s) Article Author
Jul 21, 2017 Unusual adventure brickfilms Seán Willis
Jul 29, 2017 In-camera techniques Seán Willis
Aug 4, 2017 Themed Brickfilms -
Nate Swihart
Aug 11, 2017 IP Films Nate Swihart
Aug 21, 2017 Eclipse Special Seán Willis
Sep 19, 2017 Back 2 Skool Seán Willis
Sep 29, 2017 Strange French films Seán Willis
Dec 24, 2017 Christmas Edition! Seán Willis


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