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For the 2004 brickfilm by Chris Salt, see The Brick Gulch Chronicles (Chris Salt film)

The Brick Gulch Chronicles is a 2016 comedy brickfilm directed by Joe Nicolosi.[1] It is the fifth episode of the fourteenth season of Rooster Teeth's Halo-based web series Red vs. Blue, and it features both stop-motion animation using Halo Mega Construx figures as well as live action sequences.[2] It is the only episode of the series done in this style, and, in the canon of the series, it takes place in a parallel universe. After making this film, Joe Nicolosi was chosen to be the main writer and director for Red vs. Blue seasons 15 and 16.[3]



  • Burnie Burns as Vic, Lopez, Church
  • Geoff Ramsey as Grif
  • Gus Sorola as Simmons
  • Matt Hullum as Sarge
  • Joel Heyman as Caboose
  • Jason Saldana as Tucker
  • Dylan Cimbala as Malcolm
  • Jen Brown as Malcolm's mom
  • Dan Goodwin as Donut
  • Lamar as the cat


  • Joe Nicolosi - Writer, Director, Animator, Visual effects
  • Miles Luna - Head of story
  • Burnie Burns - Executive producer
  • Matt Hullum - Executive producer
  • Gray G. Haddock - Supervising producer
  • Koen Wooten - Producer
  • Chrysta Hiser - Assistant producer
  • Sean Murphy - Assistant producer
  • Nick Todd - Assistant producer
  • Luis "Paco" Vazquez - Assistant producer
  • Joe MacDonald - Lead storyboard artist
  • Kate Warner - Storyboard artist
  • Daniel Stuyck - Colorist
  • Stephanie Noone - Live action producer
  • John Knudsen - Gaffer
  • Drake Howard - Grip
  • Adrianne Lashley - Hair and makeup
  • Nikki Dengel - Live action production sound
  • Thomas Fernandes - Live action production assistant
  • Marc Calderaro - Live action production assistant
  • Jeff Yohn - Supervising technical director
  • Tony Salvaggio - Pipeline technical director
  • Jarrett Blumenschein - Technical artist
  • Josh Meehan - IT specialist
  • Connor Pickens - Lead editor
  • Nicolas Audy-Rowland - Music
  • David Levy - Music
  • Kyler Smith - Audio script supervisor
  • Chris Kokkinos - Lead sound designer, Recording and mix engineer
  • Alena Lecorchick - Sound designer
  • Little Deli, Zach Loeb, Dave Ward, Joe Hanson - Special thanks