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The Brick Gulch Chronicles
The blue soldier observes the red soldiers
The blue soldier observes the red soldiers
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Directed by
Released November 13, 2004
  • Recreation
  • Comedy
Running time
Language English

The Brick Gulch Chronicles is a 2004 sci-fi comedy brickfilm by Chris Salt. It is a recreation of the first episode of the web series Red vs. Blue, which is based on the Halo video game franchise. The brickfilm replaces the soldiers with classic LEGO spacemen.[1] It was created to mark the release of Halo 2 and the relaunch of the Red vs. Blue website.[2]

The Brick Gulch Chronicles was shown at the 2005 Leipzig Games Convention, immediately following the original Red vs. Blue episode it was based on. Also shown at the convention was the brickfilm The Secret of Monkey Island 1½, by David Williams and Jonathan Williams.

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